Сошедшие с небес Кунин Владимир Владимирович 2004

Отечественная литература о войне - Библиографический указательНазвание книги: Сошедшие с небес Кунин Владимир Владимирович 2004
Страниц: 215
Год: 2012
Жанр: Роман

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О книге «Сошедшие с небес Кунин Владимир Владимирович 2004»

When Germans eventually conquered this cave fortress in mid-October, they would've seen a huge pile of defenders' corpses and realized that, however they were technologically and tactically superior, they couldn't crash Soviet citizen's steely will to resist the invasion and to defend their motherland, and that they couldn't win the war if they couldn't kill the last defender of the Soviet Union. S., but hadn't the Germans just experienced nearly a month-long siege of Sevastopol at the other end of Crimea in which the Soviet defenders largely fought to the last trench, the last fort and nearly the last man? never learned that lesson, and his better generals in Russia didn't learn it until fall 1943 at the earliest. It saw in the rear wheel several faded flowers, tore away them and built nemudryashchiy buketik. Young Germans after their machine guns laughed loud. It would be transport worker or heavy bomber, they would take. - to Tolstoy to man very it was nauseating from this conversation. Sergey flew over through entire office, he were struck by back of the head against the wall and collapsed to the floor. However, you where this into the cab into some shorts the dirty seat climbed?! Yes you lay to the child of anything under zadnitsu, if you to it to the pants did not earn! Only one portion - Sergey - continued to lie on gazetke. 4 today this liver in one khanygi it purchased - you will lick fingers! Sergey starts engine, squeezes out cohesion, with the gnashing by jerk is included the first speed.- Nezhney, it is tender! Nyus'ka went from the shop, preuvelichenno swinging by thighs. He dashingly was entered in the sharp turns, he dropped in backwards into the narrow "gates", it were turned almost at one place. Only it pushed up to the edge of bench, being

If they wanted proof of what you just said, then Sevastopol would have been an even better lesson for them. I've found out which Soviet units fought this 5 month long heroic battle. And only after this opened the door of van...- to Pit', sestritsa, - wheezed injured young fellow.- Ts- with... From the loudspeakers against the background only the mute tango is the female voice, not deprived of certain artistic taste, he spoke with the weak German accent:- Germanskoye command gives to you two hours for output and delivering the weapon. - asked again Sergey.- Ni of down, - smiled Masha.-- K feature, - put Vovka. Sergey shook in stout person under the nose by his flying book:to -- U me one hundred seventeen combat missions! ..- to Ne amuse me, captain, - it got tired it said tolstyak. Stout person took out because of the back of chair two sticks, it leaned on them and, swinging, it left because of the table, squeaking by two prostheses. On the back of the chair of visel regular dark-blue tunic with the lonely gold asterisk of hero with the shabby moire tape. In the outskirts of city in the depth of the large neukhozhennogo court - two-story wooden small house. Starshoy it showed Sergey - take away, it is said, but that from the place did not move. Of serezha it got tired, yes even 4 I unimportantly itself feel...- Da you throw! - Vot liver I love, - solidly said Vovka.- Marsh into the bed! But in shooting range they stood militia "GAZ automobile" and "first aid". In the cab at the control Sergey wet from the stress sits. And all this it made so deftly and confidently, that was caused the storm of admiration in its "examiners". - immediately after the area of victory...- Tochno! Nyus'ka the first went to itself upward, taking away Masha and Sergey. Sergey smoked,

Cadets of Yaroslval Aviation Academy, Cadets of Voronezh Radio Specialist Acdemy, the 83rd Marine Brigade and the 95 NKVD Border Guard Detachment led by Colonel Yagunov, senior battalion commissar Parakhin, lieutenant-colonel Burmin, colonel Ermakov, senior lieutenant Povazhniy and battalion commissar Karpekhin fought to the end. The firing and explosions on the surface will be renewed after two hours. Sergey was directed to the doors of provincial administration GVF, and Masha with The the vovkoy sedate they sat on the bench in the front garden and were set to this door.- to Netu i have for you work, captain, - told Sergey the large thick person of years of forty, who sat at the table. - in our GVF copilots on five thousand it was hour they have, and aircraft commanders that are more. - No me military registration and enlistment office directed! Stout person approached lying Sergey, he very quietly poked with his stick into the stomach and said:- Ladno to you... In the court Masha and Sergey hung up on the ropes of the things, which were deteriorated in the trunks for the distant road. It stood and dully looked to itself under the feet at the liver.- Tebe to live, - indifferently shook by the arms of starshoy, and send all four to the different sides. So that you it would not see in the minute 4, - quietly ordered it Sergey.-- V following time, Nyusen'ka. Doors into the shooting range were closed, and near them were assembled in the sorrowful silence several adolescents and weeping fatty in the dirty- white apron - salesgirl of the beer stall. With number Of nyus'ka.- Sqeplenie- that polegon'ku to release of nado! Finally it softly stopped the machine before the porch itself, it came out from the cab and bowed."commission" arose and began applauding, and Masha

To my surprise, none of them was awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union after the war. It snatched out from the desperate dark deformed rock walls, the moaning injured - they lay on the angles of the narrow cave, hacked in the piling up of the rocks. Then we will release gases, and you will die all without the exception. But tango flew into the hot sky, it wrapped the area pited by funnels, it descended to the felling of well, it soared above the bodies of dead Russian soldiers, it forced to jingle the riddled banks, buckets, canisters, which so not were reported to the dying from the thirst people... He was very good by himself - captain, pilot, hung by combat orders and medals, in the new (on occasion of transfer to the reserves) officer form. In a strict dark costumer - only longish straight skirt, little jacket with the arms and the short order lath, and on the head the small amusing

Considering that 20,000~40,000 people hold on in this cave city, at least half of these heroes were not soldiers but Kerch civilians(mainly women and children). Someone bore kerosene lamp, low it screamed out:- Saninstruktor! But between Masha and Sergey their son - six year old Vovka. Sergey rummaged in the plane-table, he raised to Masha the lost eyes.however, - to T'fu, the fool of staraya! But the corona of this parade of things was wall German plush carpet with the sad yellow-brown deer on the bright green lawn under the blood-red rays of the setting sun... Sergey in the next to the skin shirt, in galife, barefoot. From to house to the porch, hardly moving feet in the enormous Serezhinykh fur-lined boots, left Vovka in one short football shirt and shorts. - Vot 4 you I will now tear out for these of slova! Lay damp beef liver on the earth, on podstelennoy gazetke. Masha visited

I suppose the reason this legend was ignored was that Stalin wanted to conceal his favorite Lev Mekhlis' tactical failure in the defense of the Crimean peninsula. I will go on polstavki into the polyclinic, I will take several daily duties additionally. - head physician they ordered a very first voyage to you to make.- Spasibo, seeds Petrovich. You mulberry unload skoren'ko, and 4 after papiroskami I run off. - 4 here, for example, you do know, as it did get tired? One-armed attempted deeply to sigh and it became soft on the chair. It guilty looked to the invalid and alarming pronounced, without tearing off from it the eyes:- Papa... of address I do not know, surname I do not know, Mashenka yes Mashenka... it it was only it, and they even more closely were forced against each other. - in it on the storage of these storage batteries - as in the fool of low-grade tobacco! Rear machines

It was Lev Mekhlis who caused the disaster of Crimea and the tragedy of Adzhimushkay. He believed that trenches sapped the spirit of aggression, so none was ever dug. 4 b you it helped, but shooting through tortured, cursed! And old man went from the court hardly, foot for the foot. Probably, Lieutenant Grisha he became only in the police. Masha in the horror jumped, she stopped up ears by hands, umolyayushche looked to Sergey. Nyus'ka alarming threw on them view and proposed:- to Pust' Vasiliy kuz'mich will say toast. The Crimean operation proved to be most catastrophic in this plan.

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  • Хороший детектив, читается легко. Авторский язык оставил очень приятное впечатление.

  • "Но платит за то Марина.
    Что ж - кому
    - то не повезло, только и всего."Этой фразой главного героя всё о нем сказано.История про уродов, скотов, безбожных тварей!Элита общества!Аристократы!Паразиты и кровопийцы!Ужас, в каком мире мы живем!Поистине, р

  • В книге много афоризмов и мудрости, но она как орех. Нужно вначале разбить скорлупу, и только потом ты доберёшься до плода. Можно и нужно долго медитировать на мудростью, что тут есть.
    Мне было интересно и я подчеркнул для себя несколько деталей, но по

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